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Heat Tint Removal System

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Heat Tint Removal System

HTR121 Heat Tint Removal Machine

The HTR121 Heat Tint Removal Machine quickly and economically removes heat tint and discoloration from welded heat-affected zones on stainless steel after T.I.G. welding applications. A light application of Dynaflux HTR-120 Solution using either a spoon or roller applicator eliminates grinding, sanding, buffing and polishing. Cleans and passivates in one easy step. Accessories and solution sold separately.
Heat Tint Removal System

HTR Accessories

HTR-120 Solution

HTR-120 Solution

Mild solution designed for use with the Heat Tint Removal System. Very effective in the removal of heat tint and metal discoloration caused by temperatures within the weld zone on stainless steel after T.I.G. welding. Only for use with the HTR121 Heat Tint Removal Machine.
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